New Features & Functionalities as of 10 November, 2017

A whole bunch of great new functionalities is available to all the users! Benefit of them now!

The new accents as of 10 November, 2017 are listed below:

  • Creating a "Periodic Operations" technology
  • Added a "Partner Obligations" report
  • Ability to export a "Cash Book" to Excel
  • Creating a "Blocked quantities per item" report
  • Added "Production references"
  • Creating links between documents
  • Ability to export XLS to "Printed Documents"
  • Added a "Movement of goods" reference
  • Access rights to a specific reference logic
  • Quantity reservation technology
  • Warehouse initial state

Something interesting! Take a look at the "Periodic Operations" feature. It is extremely useful and applicable in a number of activities!

Periodic operations can be used when selling and issuing an invoice and a pro forma invoice. If an invoice is issued for a sale, it is automatically reissued for a predefined period. The same applies to a pro forma invoice issued. If the partner to whom the document has been issued has a completed e-mail, they also receive it automatically as an attachment.

This is a particularly useful feature for subscription payments, regular orders and queries, deferred obligations, and more. It significantly reduces manual work, improves communication with partners as well as revenue collection.

Periodic operations are created from the Actions with the selected ones button. They can be edited or deleted from the Management -> Periodic Operations menu. Periodic operations indicate whether they should be run monthly (on which date) or weekly (on which day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.). If a month does not include the specified date (for example, 31st), the periodic operation is executed on the last day of that month.

The owner receives an e-mail with a report containing information about each operation - whether a sale was made, an invoice was issued or if it was emailed to the partner.

For these operations, no pricing rules are being applied.


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