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Management Software made for shops, warehouses, restaurants


New users get 1 month free subscription



No installation. Just a web browser.


Start working within a couple of minutes


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Always online

Access from any device with Internet connection is an interactive system that combines the POS software' features and the cloud solutions' benefits. The system works on

every device - PC, Mac, iPad or Tablet. It may even work with POS hardware you already own.

All you need is a web browser to access sales, purchases, stock quantities, clients and suppliers, reports.



Axis Cloud is a "POS" module, optimized to work with a touchscreen.

Download it to your favourite Android mobile device and extend the functionalities of Your account.

For Your perfect cloud Point of Sale!


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Users' reviews


Shop owner




Cafe Manager

„I want to use the programme at my own convenience and at the convenience of the warehouse. I control all users in my warehouse (I have two cashiers) and I can generate different reports. I liked it, because it is really lightweighted and the performance is great."


"My business is seasonal and this platform was the perfect solution when I opened again my sweets shop at the seacoast for the summer. We just registered and started. My wife and I are doing great, and this platform really helped us to improve our accountability."


"I was surprised by all the features and reports in I really like the module for selecting items by images and names. I use it at my coffee shop on a tablet and it’s doing a great job. The documents with company logo are nice too. Wishing all the success to the team and the project!"



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New users
1 month free subscription


With you work FASTER


  • No implementation required
  • Get started right away
  • Users get comfortable with the system within 1 day
  • Access from any device with Internet connection, always online
  • Quickly connects any store or office to the system keeps your data SAFE


  • Reliable storage center for all data
  • Antivirus protection
  • Connection and sensitive data encryption
  • Setting access rights to different users
  • Operators access only what they are allowed to
  • Individual system settings according to specific needs


With you take GOOD CONTROL

  • All operations are in one system
  • Centralized inventory management
  • Track employees' operations
  • All financial indicators are available immediately
  • Multi-channel sales management technology
  • Manage an unlimited number of shops, offices, and other points
  • All points of sale are combined into one platform with minimum efforts



  • Commitment to environmental protection
  • Easy-to-use reports for data summary
  • Various customized templates and company logo option
  • Minimizes errors
  • Prevents data loss
  • Better and easier document flow organization
  • Improves communication with clients and partners


Using is EASY

  • Start within 15 minutes, with no risk
  • Remote access everytime and everywhere
  • Auto-completion of the general company data
  • Multilingual interface with options for use in different countries
  • No installation or server setup required
  • Intuitive and modern interface
  • Easy to train all employees
  • No special knowlege and skills to implement the system
  • General tools for items and partners import/export
  • Convenient technology for auto-completion of partners' data.
  • Rely on real people, here to help you succeed. gives you the following ADVANTAGES

  • Integration with cash registers and fiscal printers
  • Maintenance of enormous loads, nomenclatures and operations
  • Issuance of various different documents - invoices, receipts, credit and debit notes, etc.
  • Items management - setting groups, units, minimum quantities
  • Managing chain store structures - defining different locations
  • Setting VAT groups and working with average prices
  • Backup data over a certain period
  • One user can work with multiple companies
  • More than one user per company
  • International document format - with templates in English and different color desings
  • Creating PDF documents
  • Sending invoices by e-mail.




  • Monthly fee - from 6.85 € per user
  • Easy support without the need of paid specialists
  • Full access in free test mode
  • Free employee training
  • Latest version offered at no extra cost
  • No investment in purchase, deployment, and maintenance


Check out how affordable it is to use the platform
License 0 EUR.
Subscription fee 8.20 EUR
Technical Support 0 EUR
Implementation and employee training 0 EUR
Hardware, server, IT specialists payment 0 EUR
Other expenses (extra cost for a latest version update) 0 EUR




New users
1 month free subscription





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