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Please read the following terms and conditions for using services. The registration at means that you have accepted all the conditions below.

Owner of the content of th webpage is "Microinvest" Ltd. - a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, with EIC 831826092, with headquarters and address of management in Sofia, 215 III TSAR BORIS Blvd.
These Terms of Use govern the relationship between Microinvest OOD (hereinafter referred to as Microinvest) on the one hand and any person, legal entity, non-personalized company or other entity of another party that has loaded the domain into their browser or otherwise accesses the content of the webpage, (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

Microinvest provides through the webpage the following services for Users: access to information and databases over the Internet, creation, storage and processing of electronic documents, hereinafter referred to as "the Services". Through the web-based platform Users are given the opportunity to receive the information contained in the webpage or to use it in the manner described in these General Terms and Conditions and after their explicit acceptance by the Users. These Terms of Service also regulate the relationship between Microinvest / on the one hand and Users using the services on the other. If the User does not agree with one or more of the rules for using the web-based platform, they have the right to refrain from using it, otherwise they will automatically agree with the acceptance of all conditions. The User makes tacit acceptance of the terms.
When using the services provided through the webpage, the User undertakes to abide by these Terms, as well as any other conditions imposed by the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and international law, even if not mentioned in these Terms.

The user sets and receives the desired username and password together with access to all services of after completing the registration process and paying a subscription fee. In some other cases of the highest level of security, the user uses a PIN for additional verification. The user is responsible for non-disclosure of the received username, password, and PIN to third parties and is fully responsible for all activities performed through their username, password, and PIN.

The User agrees to:
• To immediately notify of any unauthorized use of its username and password or any other security breach;
• Terminate access to the services (log off) at the end of each session (after use).

In case of password loss, will recover the same and send it to the User's registered e-mail through the registration system. shall not be liable for any damages and losses incurred due to non-compliance with the provisions of this point. reserves the right to discontinue access to a particular part or the entire webpage for an unlimited period of time, planned or incidental, without liability for any damages that may have occurred as a result of the suspension of the User. reserves the right to redirect the User to other webpages controlled by Microinvest. In this case, the User will be subject to the Terms and Conditions set forth in these pages. reserves the right to redirect the User to other webpages on the Internet that are owned and controlled by third parties. has no control over the content of these pages and therefore has no responsibility for the accuracy, accuracy, accuracy of the information contained on these webpages.

3. RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF reserves the right, without prior notice, to terminate its relationship with the customer if it finds violations of the Terms of Use, the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and the international instruments, and does not owe any indemnity or compensation. does not assume any responsibility for the customer's relations with third parties, and does not assume liability for lost profits and damages resulting from such relationship. shall not be liable for damages and lost profits resulting from third party access to the information stored by the User. reserves the right to change and improve its services at any time by committing to notify its Users. Within a given time limit, if Users disagree with the changes made, they are deemed to be tied to them. is not responsible for terminating the provision of its services in circumstances beyond its control - cases of force majeure, incidental events, problems on the global Internet network, actions or omissions of third parties, etc. shall not be liable for damages and lost profits resulting from the suspension, alteration or limitation of services, deletion, modification, loss, unreliability, inaccuracy or incompleteness of messages, materials or information transferred, used, recorded or made available via provides its services without taking any responsibility for any physical or logical problems that may arise on consumer computers such as loss of information, virus infection, and others. запазва правото си да изтрива автоматично профили, фирми и потребители от системата, след неизползване или неподновяване на абонамента на профила повече от 6 месеца. Клиентите ще бъдат информирани по електронен път 10 дни преди изтриването на информацията. reserves the right to automatically delete accounts, businesses and users from the system after a non-use or non-renewal of the account subscription for more than 6 months. Customers will be informed electronically 10 days before deleting the information. reserves the right not to store information about deleted accounts and companies. does not guarantee the permanent functioning of the webpage.

A user is any person who has loaded the domain into his browser or otherwise accesses the content of the site.

To use the Services, the User must access the World Wide Web directly or through other devices that have access to Web-based content. In addition, the User must provide all the necessary access to the World Wide Web, including a computer, modem, or other means of accessing the Internet. only provides the Services and is not responsible for any interference or technical problems that impede the use of the Services as a result of the use of the computer equipment by the User.

The User understands and accepts the fact that the Services are provided "in the manner in which they are" and that does not assume any responsibility for the actuality, deletion, inability to deliver or preserve personal settings or communications to the user, as well as for damages, lost profits and other damages incurred after, as a result of, or due to use (or inability to use due to technical problems, prophylaxis, administrator's decisions, etc.) of the Services.

The user has no right to enter information infringing moral norms, citizens' rights and freedoms according to the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts. The user bears full responsibility for the meaning and accuracy of the information posted on the webpage by committing it not to violate the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts.

In the event of any subsequent disagreement with the policy and the conditions imposed on Users by, the User may terminate their relationship with the webpage early on but is not entitled to any compensation.

All services offered by can only be used for activities that are not prohibited by law.

Sending junk mail and / or generating electronic messages for malicious purposes is inconsistent with policy.

Spam messages are classified as advertising messages sent through the "Keyword" service to multiple clients in the catalog who have not expressed a desire to receive such information.

In the event of breach of these General Terms and Conditions, the User owes Microninvest compensation for all damages and lost profits as well as expenses and fees paid as a result of claims, including fines paid, third party benefits in connection with misuse of foreign files or in violation of Bulgarian or applicable foreign law, these Terms of Service, good morals and Internet ethics.

In order to subscribe or order and / or use information from the site, has the right to require the User to fill in personal data concerning the User or the person charged to make the order on behalf of the User, including but not limited to: name, address, telephone number and / or e-mail address, UIC, representative, etc.

All specified personal data entered on the webpage or sent by electronic mail or ordinary mail are subject to protection under the Personal Data Protection Act and the sole purpose of their collection is to respond to and satisfy the User's request.
The user has the right to access his or her own personal data which he has entered or made available to when using the Services, as well as correcting such data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.
The user is entitled at any time to request termination and deletion of the registration by request to Microinvest, including electronically. Early termination of registration of a user with paid access at the User's request is not a basis for refunding the payment (or part thereof) made by the User to Microinvest for the purpose of providing paid access.

Accepting these Terms Users who have registered a user ID and password explicitly agree that their personal data will be processed by electronically. All data and other data voluntarily provided by the User and other data that identify them during the use of the Services are stored, processed and used by for the purpose of maintaining certain service functionality. expressly informs the User that it will not provide third parties with personal data to the User for advertising purposes without the user's consent. reserves the right to use the User's IP addresses to disclose their identity in cases where this is necessary to comply with the law, legal procedures or to comply with these Terms. The personal correspondence of users is strictly confidential and will not be violated, altered or read without the explicit consent and / or instruction of the User. collects, by sending cookies, statistics related to site visits that are not related to the User's personal data.

The content of this webpage, the database, the software used, and the design of website are subject to copyright with all reserved rights, except where otherwise specified in relation to a separate database or otherwise. No part of the content of the site may be reproduced, recorded or transmitted in any form or for any reason without the written consent of Microinvest.

The User is not entitled to retrieve the content or portions of the contents of the site, including the contents of the site, manually or through computer programs / scripts, bots, etc. without the express written consent of Microinvest. The data provided by users, which, in their wording, layout and structure, are subject to copyrights provided by Microinvest, as well as copies of the photographs, graphics, logos, etc. materials.

Users may use the information from for personal purposes and may not sell, resell or provide to third parties.

The content of all ads appearing on the site as well as the trademarks they cover is the responsibility of advertisers only.

All disputes arising out of these Terms and Conditions are resolved voluntarily on the basis of mutual concessions. If no agreement is reached, the disputes shall be referred to the competent Bulgarian court, which shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that have arisen. For all issues not covered by these General Terms, the provisions of the Bulgarian legislation in force apply. reserves the right to send to its Users system messages related to new services or changes in the Terms and ways of using the current services. has the right to change the technology and design of the services provided without prior notice to Users.

These Terms may be updated at any time without specific notice to Users.

Microinvest is not responsible if the User has not read the latest version of these Terms. The Terms, published at the following address:



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