New features and functionalities as per 03.07.2018 г. continues to develop rapidly, now taking boldly the top positions among the preferred online storage programs.

So many new and useful features are at your disposal now! Just take advantage of them:

Items and Partners

  • Group editing of the price of a chosen selection of items with fixed rate or percentage.
  • Option to edit a chosen selection of items or partners which to participate in certain group actions such as price changes or discounts.
  • Selection of more than one item when creating operations. Allows not to close the Items screen when items are selected; when selecting the "Do not close this window after selecting an item" button, it is easy to select all items from the list, group or selection for which the operation will be executed thus saving time and efforts.
  • A new "Copy Price" field. It is located in the Pricing Groups within the items’ nomenclature and allows the single add of a Retail Price which then to be copied in all 8 pricing groups where the price is zero.
  • Ability to edit the items’ prices by groups or to copy one pricing group into another.
  • Option to display the Batch of the items Nomenclature in printed forms under the name of the item. By selecting the "Show batch under product name" setting, the batch number corresponding to the code and product name in the goods nomenclature will be printed in the documents.
  • Printing partner identification cards. With a chosen selection can be printed customers’ or suppliers’ card numbers. The numbers must be entered in the Partner data. Selection of different sizes and colors for printing templates.
  • Generation of Pricing Labels for an item or group of items selected by the user. Selection of a large number of templates and color ranges, visualization of a selected pricing group on the label.
  • When creating a new item, a button for "Barcode Auto-Generation" is added to the "Main Barcode" field.
  • Generation of a bar code to a chosen selection of items.

Commercial Screen

  • New functionalities in the Commercial Screen - when working with a barcode reader, a new visual on-screen view is provided, with the option of "hiding" single items and groups, making it easy to work with the reader.
  • Expanding the search keypad filter for searching by Code in the Commercial Screen, both numeric and alphanumeric characters are added, which allows quick search of combination codes: letter + digit.
  • Sorting items in the commercial screen, if the setting is for preview by code, items are visualized sorted by code, if setting is by name, they are sorted in alphabetical order.
  • Partner identification by card number in the Commercial screen.


  • New text fields for Note and Trading Terms in operations Sale, Delivery, Items Write-off, Waste, Transfer, Refund, Proforma invoices to be displayed on printed forms.
  • Option to edit a production only for the current moment of its execution. It is no longer necessary to create a new recipe for component correction. Ability to dynamically produce and dynamically calculate the cost of the end product and its ingredients, in relation to the materials used for the particular production.
  • Transformation of documents, link between documents and operations, traceability of operations.
  • Group actions with a selection of operations - Delete, Billing, Transform, Group Payment.


  • Report by Last Supplier - Provides tracking of a product, its last delivery, quantity, delivery price.
  • A new Setting in the document templates – “Do Not Print Column TO”.
  • Added fields for a selection of Items Available report: When the "Available Items" field is highlighted, zero values ​​are excluded; when the "Items with a zero quantity" is marked, all zero quantities are previewed; when marked "Items with a negative quantity" is marked, the respective items are previewed (if the company works with such).
  • Add a filter by phone number to the Partners list and to the Partners’ nomenclature report.
  • Added a new Business Transaction Log, which allows traceability of operations and tax base and VAT by partner, period or user.
  • Group Print of Issued Documents. In the Printed documents module, marking selected documents and printing multiple documents in one action is performed. These can be all invoices for the month, all receipts, etc.
  • Ability to pay a document via the Billed Sales report. A specific document or a selection of documents can be paid if, for example, a customer pays his purchases at one time.

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