Registration with a new and even more convenient subscription plan

Prices from 5.90 EUR with VAT per user.

We grow with you and work tirelessly to provide you with more and more useful features. - the Microinvest’s cloud platform for retail management – has undergone a number of improvements and optimizations. "Over the last 3 months, we've worked hard to improve the performance of the performance, to add new features and to develop a flexible subscription plan by which you can modify your plan on your own and get a 30%-65% discount. Check out the new pricing calculator here.

From the beginning of January, 2018, the price per user is 2.06 – 5.90 EUR / month incl. VAT. Check out the calculator and select the best option for you.

The system is designed in a way that stimulates annual subscriptions where discounts are highest. We have eliminated the bundles of 1, 3 and 10 users and now you can buy as many users as you exactly need for a period of up to 12 months.

An independent 10-day marketing study at the end of November, 2017, indicates that 45% of the clients actually need 2 users and prefer a 12-month subscription, while another 25% work with 4 users on an annual basis. Based on the new pricing policy of, the price per 1 user in both cases will be 4.13 EUR / month and 3.07 EUR / month.

By this investment you really get a lot:

  • Unlimited access to anytime;
  • Unlimited generation of information;
  • Access from anywhere in the world;
  • Free periodic updates;
  • Unlimited cloud service;
  • Highest data protection;
  • Professional support;
  • Customizable design including a logo of the issued documents;
  • Automatic data export to accounting software;
  • Connection to cash register, barcode scanner and additional hardware;
  • Professional support.


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